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Bassani Babes

Bassani High Performance AFT-CAT Systems

We have always been driven to design and manufacture products that offer superior performance, features and fit. No one builds in more bolt-on quality and performance than we do.

Our exhaust systems fit . . they always have . . . they always will ! We use gasket less ball and socket connections to simplify installation and our systems are shipped complete with premium high-grade mounting hardware. All Bassani Aft-Cat™ exhaust systems feature stainless steel tips polished to a "show quality" finish and a stainless steel band clamp for easier installation. Regardless of whether you're 18 or 80, Bassani delivers a distinct, deep exhaust note that's sure to impress.

Bassani is recognized for unsurpassed quality and fit; starting with superior materials for durability, precision mandrel bends for consistency and precise welding by expert

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Matrix 02-06   1.8L 18X025 Not Available
Scion 03-06   1.5L/Inline 4 BX1504B5 Not Available
Tacoma 00-04 ECSB 3.4L/V6 3410405 Not Available
Tacoma 05-07   4.0L 4010505 Not Available
Tundra 00-06   4.7L 471012G5S Not Available
Tundra 05-06   4.7L 4710515 Not Available
Tundra 07-09   5.7L 5747145 Not Available
Tundra 07-08   5.7L 5747245 Not Available
Tundra 07-08   5.7L 5747345 Not Available