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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a aft-cat exhaust system?

An aft-cat exhaust system is an aftermarket replacement for your car's factory exhaust system “after” the catalytic converter. Thus “Aft-Cat” . This can include tubing, resonator, muffler, exhaust tip, and mounting hardware. Aft-cat exhaust systems are application-specific because the entire system is designed to mount cleanly under your vehicle. All Bassani aft-cat systems are engineered to work with your vehicle and engine to produce maximum power and the best sound possible.

2. Why is mandrel-bent tubing important?

Mandrel-bent tubing is preferred over standard, "crush-bent" tubing. A Mandrel is a device that supports the interior of the tubing as it is being bent, resulting in a perfectly round pipe with smooth bends and a consistent diameter from end to end. Crush-bent tubing, tend to flatten out or wrinkle up at the bends, reducing the inner diameter of the piping substantially and robbing performance. All Bassani aft-cat exhaust systems feature mandrel-bent tubing because they provide smoother, higher-volume exhaust flow and superior performance.

3. What diameter exhaust piping should I use? Is bigger tubing always better?

Contrary to what you may have heard, bigger tubing Is not always better! While big fat tubing look aggressive and allow for a high volume of exhaust flow, they can actually hurt your engine performance by reducing exhaust gas velocity, which is critical to maintain low-end/mid-range torque and horsepower. Bassani aft-cat exhaust systems are tuned and designed for optimum flow rate for each specific application. This provides power through a broad RPM range, adds fuel economy and quality sound.

4. How much extra power can I expect from a aft-cat exhaust system?

This depends on the application, on average you can expect approximately 7 to 20 more horsepower and an additional 5 to 20 foot-pounds of torque. Other benefits include; fuel economy, and a better, more performance oriented sound. In Diesel truck applications it will also reduce your exhaust gas temperature.

5. Why does Bassani Xhaust sound so good?

Bassani’s proprietary design utilizes dual core technology to produce a deep, powerful sound. While sound is subjective, most people agree that once they hear Bassani they won’t settle for less.

6. What's the difference between aluminized steel and stainless steel exhausts?

Both materials have the same performance characteristics. The main differences (besides price) are in, corrosion resistance, and appearance. Aluminized steel exhausts are inexpensive, but tend to corrode much more quickly than stainless steel. Aluminized steel is best suited to vehicles in warm, dry climates, where they won't be exposed to rain, snow, or salt. Even then aluminized system rust out from the inside due to condensation. Bassani Xhaust Stainless steel systems are top of the line. Featuring stainless steel tubing, 304 stainless steel mufflers and 304 stainless steel show quality polished tips. BX Performance is our “composite” line utilizing aluminized tubing, 409 stainless steel mufflers, and polished stainless steel tips. Other companies aluminized lines have aluminized tubing, aluminized mufflers and no polished tips or just chromed steel tips. When you want the best, ask for Bassani Xhaust.

7. Is a aft-cat exhaust better than a custom one from a local shop?

Yes, if it’s a Bassani. Aft-cat exhausts are application-specific and work together as a single system, so they are tuned to work together as well as possible on your vehicle. Bassani Mfg. has already done the research regarding sound, performance, flow rates, fitment, and so on. In fact, the savings on installation alone may justify the cost of a aft-cat! However, Bassani Mfg sells all the components you need to fabricate your own custom exhaust if desired, this includes tubing, “J” bends, ”U” bends, Custom mufflers, high flow Cats, hangers and polished Stainless steel tips.

8. Are aft-cat exhaust systems emissions-legal?

Yes. All Automotive Bassani aft-cat systems are emissions legal because they modify the system after the catalytic converter. It is illegal to remove a properly working catalytic converter. Some aft-cat exhausts designed primarily for racing applications and can be loud enough to violate local laws. Be sure to check with local law enforcement to find out what's considered too loud in your area.

9. Can I install a aft-cat exhaust system myself?

Yes, Most Bassani aft-cat systems can be installed in anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the application and your experience. They are relatively easy to install because Bassani designs them to bolt up and require no welding. We provide step by step instructions to ease in installation. You can also have an exhaust shop or repair shop install it.

10. Will I get more girls if I install a Bassani aft-cat exhaust?


11. What are headers?

Headers are an important element in maximizing a high performance exhaust system. Stock manifolds are built in the easiest, most cost effective manner. Most are cast with very restrictive openings. All headers are not the same, in facts in dyno tests we have found many of our competitor headers actually lose power or only make some at peak rpm’s! Bassani headers are designed, engineered and manufactured for performance throughout the powerband. Using optimum diameter mandrel bent tubing, optimum length, and in many cases “stepped” diameter to achieve maximum useable horsepower and torque. Bassani also uses high flow “Extractor Collectors” to further improve performance. Properly designed header can help induce the “scavenging effect” that creates a properly timed “vacuum pulse” to help pull the burned gases from the chamber. Bassani adds additional quality by having 3/8” thick flanges and “ball and socket” connections to eliminate leaks and ease the installation process. Bassani headers also offer optional, high temp. ceramic coating with a lifetime warranty for added benefit to keep heat in the tubing and prolong life of the headers. All Bassani headers are competitively priced, and include mounting hardware and quality gaskets. Bassani is one of the only companies that produce, headers, Crossover mid pipes and Aft-Cat systems to fit together and work in conjunction to produce maximum performance. From “heads to tail pipe” we have what you need.

12. Are aftermarket headers emissions-legal?

As long as the header has a C.A.R.B. approval number and all ports for all factory sensors and other emissions equipment, the header should be perfectly emissions-legal. Check your state laws to be sure. Bassani mfg. also has many headers designed for race track applications.

13. What is a Power-X crossover pipe?

The X-pipe brings dual exhaust together and separates it again. If properly designed such as Bassani’s Power X, it will produce additional performance, increase fuel economy, add to the “scavenging effect”, and lower the noise resonance inside the vehicle by splitting the sound waves into two mufflers. Bassani’s unique two piece stamped design is more expensive to manufacture, but the benefits far exceed the cost. When you want the best, ask for Bassani Power X crossover.

Motorcycle FAQ’s

Why should I buy Bassani?

Performance, quality, support, and an unmistakable sound.

What’s the difference with our Tru-Dual vs. the competitions?

A Patented (patent # 6804955) matched length rear head pipe. Unlike the others out there we think of performance first. This is why Darryl Bassani patented this design, no one else matches the rear headpipe length to the front creating even performance for each cylinder.

Can I expect performance gains?

Yes”, all of our systems will increase both Horsepower and Torque throughout the power band.

Do I have to do anything with my fuel injection when installing your pipes?

“Yes”, we recommend that you see a qualified technician for fuel re-mapping or have an aftermarket fuel module installed.

Do your systems include exhaust port gaskets?

“No" Use your stock gasket.

Can I remove the baffles?

Most of our systems have removable baffles although we do not recommend removing them as you will lose performance.

Do you make custom exhaust systems?

We do make custom exhaust systems providing you have a prototype, with a minimum of 25 sets per order.

Can I buy Direct?

Sorry but we direct all inquires to an Authorized re-seller.

What’s your best performing pipe?

Our Tru-Duals with the Megaphone mufflers if wanting to keep the traditional dual look, or our Road Rage series if wanting a 2>1.

Do I need to re-jet my carb?

This depends on the pipe and the application. We recommend you see a qualified technician for proper jetting.

Will your pipes discolor?

Discoloration is caused by improper jetting, fuel mapping, cam timing, sitting in traffic, leaving the choke on, etc. Discoloration is not caused by the pipes nor is it defective product.