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Bassani Babes

Mega & B2 Power System

Features 2>1 Equal length stepped head pipes 1-3/4">1-7/8">2", oxygen sensor ports, and plugs, 12mm O2 ports for factory sensors and 18mm for wide band. 2-1/2"x16-1/2" baffle inside a straight performance muffler housing with 4" polished billed end cap. Head pipes are industrial chrome and come with full coverage chrome or ceramic black heat shields. Uses a unique extended inner collector maximizing performance. Designed specifically to address the needs of tuned motors built for high horsepower applications. We recommend 110 cubic inch engines or larger. Check out our video clip to hear it.


Part # Description Model Sug Retail
FLH767 Mega Power System Chrome
FLH767B Mega Power System Black
FLH777 B1 Power System Chrome
FLH777B B1 Power System Black


Recently Chris Rivas of Rivas V-Twin shop installed a B1 on a Bagger with a 110 Motor with CRVT 1800cc Kit, SE 58mm Throttle Body, Rivas Ported 1.9x1.6 Heads, S&S Cams, and Bassani B1 Exhaust. He ran it on his Dynojet and received impressive results with this set up. 133 RWHP, 125lbs of Rear Wheel Torque


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