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Bassani Babes

Road Rage II B4

Road Rage II B4 Power System

Designed specifically for engines with up to 120hp

Fits '95 - '15 Dresser

2>1 Equal Length Stepped Chrome Head Pipes 1¾" - 1-7/8" - 2"

12mm O2 ports for factory sensors with plugs & also 18mm for wide band sensors with plugs

4" Black anodized with polished billet accent End Caps

Includes full coverage heat shields

Available in Black or Chrome

Choose either Megaphone Style Muffler or a 4" Straight Can Muffler

Part # Drag# Muffler Group
FLH747 (Chrome) 1800-1358 Megaphone FLH- BAGGERS
FLH747B (Black) 1800-1359 Megaphone FLH- BAGGERS
FLH757 (Chrome) 1800-1360 4" Straight Can FLH- BAGGERS
FLH757B (Black) 1800-1361 4" Straight Can FLH- BAGGERS



  For more info call us here at the Bassani factory, 866-782-3283

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