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Bassani Babes

Part# 30MSC Bassani Exhaust

Part # 30MSC

Features & Benefits

Modern metallic catalytic converter technology has come a long way from the original pellet and ceramic monolith designs of the early 1970’s. Original converters were developed to convert exhaust gas emissions into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor with no regard to the impact they would have on engine performance. Due to the performance limitations they caused, catalytic converters were promptly and illegally ditched from the exhaust systems of some vehicles in order to boost engine performance. At the time, you could see improvements of 20 HP or more from a V-8 equipped vehicle by simply removing the factory converters. However, the removal of the catalytic converter not only caused higher pollutant emissions, but it also produced more interior vehicle resonance.

Now with metallic substrate converters you can have it all—the larger cell structure of metallic converters (300 cells per inch for Bassani CompCats) produces higher flow numbers compared to ceramic cats, which equates to higher performance for your vehicle. The increased durability of a metallic core compared to a ceramic core also means you no longer have to fear damage caused by a minor impact to the converter (i.e. speed bumps).

Independent comparison tests proved that Bassani CompCats caused very little drop in power compared to the off-road pipe. Bassani CompCats considerably reduced the interior resonance level of the test vehicle.

The design of the converter’s housing enables it to produce more power—Bassani CompCats’ extreme divergent inlet angle and gradual covergent outlet angle work together to create superior exhaust flow in the most compact size possible.

Group: X-Y Crossover / Mid Pipes > CompCats
Years: 65-13
Engines: Any Vehicle
Application: Universal
Description: Bassani Compcats 3"
Dimensions: 3" x 13"
  • 3" Inlet
  • Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.
  • It is illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter.
  • Not Legal for sale or installation on vehicles operated on public roads in California.