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Bassani Babes

Part# 3711R2A Bassani Exhaust

Part # 3711R2A

Features & Benefits

Group: X-Y Crossover / Mid Pipes > Mid Pipe Adaptors Offroad
Makes/Models: FORD - Mustang
Years: 11-13
Engines: 3.7L
Description: Adaptors up to S3711R Longtubes for 11-14 Mustang V6
  • Not Legal for sale or installation on vehicles operated on public roads in California.
  • 2 1/2" dia. off road adaptors with O2 bungs, only.
  • Catalytic Converters not included, Off Road use only.
  • X Crossover not included.
  • Fits up to Bassani Longtubes Part# S3711R.
  • Fits with part #'s S3711R
  • Fits with part #'s S3711R and 3711R5 only.