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Bassani Babes

Bassani High Performance X Y Crossovers

Power X Crossovers are used to connect our Headers or OEM Manifolds, to stock or Bassani AFT-CAT exhaust system with true dual mufflers. They feature mandrel bent tubing welded into a unique "X" shaped chamber made out of two stamped sections. This precision-design is more costly than conventional crossovers, but we feel the gains in power, sound and appearance more than makes up the difference.

Y-pipe Equalizer brand crossovers pipes are used to connect headers to either the stock or Bassani AFT-CAT exhaust systems on vehicles with single OEM mufflers. Most OEM crossover pipes utilize a "Y-shaped" design with press bent tubing. Press bending creates wrinkles in the tubing which adversely affects the airflow. All Bassani Equalizer brand crossovers pipes are mandrel bent tube and in some cases the diameter is improved to optimize exhaust system performance.

  • It is illegal to remove a properly functioning catalytic converter.
  • Not Legal for sale or installation on vehicles operated on public roads in California.

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